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You should expect your leaders to lead, but you shouldn't expect them to do it alone! ~ Kevin Boozel, M.S.

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Report Card

The opportunity and privilege to serve Butler County for nearly 300 days has been fabulous.  I would like to give you a brief overview of progress to date.  It is incredibly important to have the right people in the right place to "Build a Better Butler".  

1. Stabilized the County Budget via cost saving measures, cutting 26 unfilled positions, repaid the dwindling operating coffers in addition to ensuring resources are available that will ensure NO 2017 TAX INCREASE!

2. Paid back the annual loans (TAN/RAN) totaling nearly 16 Million Dollars and made payment to large accounts (Community College/Fire Chiefs...) on  time.

3. Developed a strategy to approach the Opioid Epidemic with the support of Judges, District Attorney, Sheriff, Coroner, School Districts, State Police, and media.  The public deserves the a leadership willing to act.  The County Drug / Alcohol commission were empowered to write recommendations resulting in the County Naloxone Training Policy.  

4. Developed a Countywide strategy to include eliminating the Planning Director position and coordinating the Chief of Economic Development and Planning.  This position will be interacting closely with all authorities, developers, municipalities, agricultural preservation and other stake holders regarding economic development.  

5. Initiated action on 25+ years of deferred maintenance in the county infrastructure to include maintaining the historic value of the original Courthouse.  

6. Developed and in the process of implementing phase one of the upgrading information and technology.  This investment will not only save funds immediately, but will have a long-term effect on the county budget.

7. Development of the (Required) Radio System originally estimated at 13 Million Dollars.  Recent RFP estimates the entire system at 9 Million.  This will allow the commissioners to avoid putting all of the cost burden for new radios on the municipalities/Fire Companies.  

8. Currently, the budget process for the county is underway.  It is expected that the budget will still, while having required increases in some areas, should be near the 2016 actual costs.  

9. Ongoing meetings with SPC/Penn Dot/DCED have proven to be successful at acquiring funds for transportation projects.  Multiple efforts are underway to improve the transportation system in Butler County.

10. One of the most requested points of business includes restoring dignity  to the Commissioners office.  While we have many differences of opinion, we have made a pact to ensure respect, attack only points of view by not make personal attacks, and finally, build on what is working by remaining positive in negative situations.  



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